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Aww!  It’s our very own Sierra Butler – her testimonial about the Purification program!  😊

Cynthia is very knowledgeable, personable, and adept acupuncturist.  I saw her for about a year during her internship, until she graduated acupuncture school. I have been receiving acupuncture treatments for about 4 1/2 years now.  I started because I was having lower back pains that the western-medicine practitioners I was seeing couldn’t diagnose.  During my first visit, the acupuncture interns were able to diagnose me with issues with my psoas muscle, and after a few more weeks, helped me pinpoint the cause – the chair I was using at the time.  These interns graduated, but before they did, they recommended up-and-coming interns, who also consistently demonstrated excellent knowledge and technique. This was how I met Cynthia Clark.  She was recommended to me by a graduating student over a year ago.  From then until when she graduated in December, 2011, I saw Cynthia on an almost weekly basis.  During that time, she worked with me to deal with a number of issues, both chronic (including lower back pain, weight, and stress) and acute (including seasonal allergies and colds). She regularly demonstrated her expertise, both in knowledge and technique, starting with my first visit to her.  During my appointments with Cynthia, in addition to traditional needling, she used other less-common ones, such as ear acupuncture using seed beads, cupping, guasha, and a psoas release.  Her needling technique is excellent.  When cupping, she uses a sliding cup.  To be honest, I can’t say that I love cupping — it *is* painful — but that’s the nature of the treatment and not the treatment.  Even given that, though, her technique seemed less painful to me than when I’ve had it it other times, and the results were well worth it.

Additionally, she often recommended reasonable lifestyle changes I could do at home, such as exercises to stretch out my psoas, and more general things like modifying my diet and increasing exercise.  Of course, this is very common advice, but additionally, she gave me concrete suggestion to get started.  And, she could almost always answer my questions about what her treatments and recommendations.  When she couldn’t, she knew where to get the answer.  She was also more than happy to learn about and try new-to-her techniques that would benefit the patient.  She always treated me respectfully and with great care. But, more important than everything I’ve mentioned above – as important as it all is – was the time she took with me during each session to find out what was happening with me and what needed to be focused on.  The best technique is useless if the treatment doesn’t deal with the patient’s concern(s).  And so I appreciated the time Cynthia took with me to figure out what was going on and explain the course of treatment we’d take that day.

-Cindy, Austin TX

I saw Cynthia for over a year and was always impressed with her compassion, knowledge, and willingness to explain what she was doing and why she was doing it. She was always available for follow up questions made me feel that she really cared about my progress.

-Eric, Austin TX

Today marks the two month anniversary of my association with Nutrition Response Testing at your clinic.  In that time, my energy level has increased dramatically and I’m starting to feel healthy again. A little background.  In 2003, I was diagnosed with hepatitis C as a result of a blood test for a life insurance policy.  I went to a gastrointestinal doctor in Tampa and after confirming the diagnosis he suggested I undergo a 48 week treatment with pegintron (a derivative of interferon.  This entailed giving myself an injection every Friday evening causing flu-like symptoms every weekend for the entire 48 week period.  Unfortunately, this treatment did not work and I actually felt worse off than before I started the treatment.  I asked my doctor what was next and was told as my liver continued to degenerate into cirrhosis, eventually I would need a liver transplant. I stopped seeing doctors for about nine years and recently went back to see if any progress was being made in the treatment of hepatitis C.  I again underwent blood tests,   scans, endoscopy, colonoscopy, and ultrasounds.  After the diagnostics, my medical doctor basically told me there was nothing to do but wait until I was ready for a liver transplant.  By this time, one of the key symptoms of hepatitis C had shown itself…fatigue.  I asked the doctor what I could do to feel better and was advised to “eat better”.  That was it.  No other words of wisdom.  No program for fighting fatigue.  I felt frustrated and a bit undeserved. A short time later, I met Dr. Cynthia  and decided to undergo Nutrition Response Testing.  The initial examination determined that I would be a good candidate for treatment.  The supplements I have been taking have significantly increased my energy level.  My friends and family have noticed the difference in my health and I’m feeling like my old self again.

– Tom, Tampa FL

Before crossing paths with Dr. Cynthia Clark I was having a hard time living ordinary day to day life. I was eating better than I ever had and exercising more than ever but still not losing any weight. In fact, I was slowly but surely gaining it. I was getting 8+ hours of sleep per night and still waking up tired, sluggish, and unmotivated.  Months went by with no change and I started feeling depressed about the whole situation. I wouldn’t want to go out because all my clothes made me feel like a “sausage” and to be honest I really didn’t have the energy. This sounded to me like textbook symptoms of a thyroid disorder so I decided to get some blood work done. I was positive that something had to be “off”. When my results came back normal you can imagine my frustration and bewilderment.
Just when I had about given up on any hope for a better life I met Cynthia through a mutual friend. Within minutes of talking to her she had me feeling like there was a light at the end of the tunnel and I couldn’t come in to see her fast enough. She found that my thyroid was in fact in need of attention and I started taking whole food supplements right away. It only took about 2 weeks for me to notice a HUGE difference in my energy level. I finally felt like my body was working again. I was sleeping and feeling rested. Day to day life became more and more bearable and then just plain enjoyable. After about 4 weeks I started to notice the unwanted pounds falling off. I started a running program with a friend and for once I was seeing more results in my weight loss than she. I’m fitting into my old clothes and feel better than I ever have and I owe it all to Longevity Wellness!!!  Now I am living a full,happy, and productive life.Thank you, You have been my life saver.
-Dinah, Tampa FL

Dr. Cynthia is a critical part of why I continue to live healthily despite all of the pressures I face on a daily basis.  I’m positive that without her care, intuition, and deep knowledge base I would have been committed, or at least not doing very well.  I am eternally grateful that our paths crossed since I have no doubt that I remain healthy because of her!

-Wendy, Sarasota FL


When I first arrived at Longevity I was doddering in mind and body, plagued by “senior moments” and self-doubt. The prospect of retiring was depressing but continuing my life path (photographing natural Florida) seemed more and more difficult.  A fine diagnostician, Dr. Cynthia Clark understood how my body worked in its totality. She then focused on areas that needed attention. Using a variety of modalities– nutrition, exercise, energy medicine, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, homeopathy and supplements — she addressed problems with kindness and compassion. Dr. Cynthia goes the extra mile.  Once to show me that I could get back on the trail, she got out her hiking poles and had me walking up and down the parking lot! Her optimism is contagious. She can deal with immediate problems. When I came in with a case of what I thought was poison ivy, she decided it was shingles and cured it in short order with acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Our relationship has always been a partnership. She’s an educator and doesn’t mind passing on what she knows. In this way she builds self-reliance in her patients. My old mode of thinking was– “Who can I find to fix this?” Working with Dr. Cynthia, I learned what I could do to help my body heal– and thrive. The office is an oasis of calm, with wonderful people who make newcomers comfortable. For the regulars, it feels like home. With each visit, my doubts and self-imposed restrictions have lessened, my vitality increased. I’m elated to be doing things I never would have thought possible—like moving to a second floor apartment. Thoughts of retirement have faded. I’m re-inventing myself.

– Fran, Sarasota FL

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