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Sleep. For some of us, it’s the elusive Holy Grail of good health. But for others of us, we might think we’re doing ok.

Here’s a quick checklist:

1. Does it take longer than 5 minutes to get out of bed?

2. Do you wake up groggy?

3. At any time during the day, do you find yourself searching for a word?

4. Do you find yourself speaking slowly?

5. Do you make errors when you type?

6. Are you ever clumsy during the day? Like, a foot dragging or bumping into a

7. Do you enjoy brain-stimulating activities in your free time? Or do you look for
“brain-candy” activities like a silly movie because you’re a little too tired to

8. Are you cranky?

9. Could you have thought of the solution to that problem more quickly?

10. Do you regularly get less than 8 hours a night?

11. Do you have trouble falling asleep?

12. Do you have trouble putting yourself to bed?

13. Do you have trouble staying asleep? As in, you wake up to pee and are
awake for more than 15 minutes?

14. Do you wake earlier than you intend?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may have a sleep problem. Even if you put yourself to bed on time AND sleep through the night, if you’re not waking rested then you’re not hitting enough REM sleep. Tune in below for more on this. Dr. Cynthia on Sleep, Stress, REM, & the Chinese Meridian Clock

Dr. Cynthia on Sleep, Stress, REM, & the Chinese Meridian Clock

The brain is doing important work at night while we’re sleeping! And it needs certain tools and settings for that. Here are a few reminders of the basics. If these aren’t working, DON’T GIVE UP ON SLEEP! I’ll talk more about that in a moment. First, those basics:

1. Same bedtime and waketime every day, as much as possible.

2. Finish eating 2 hours before bedtime, so that you’re not digesting at night.

3. Put your cell phone in a different room. The light and EMF’s from it are shown
to disrupt sleep, not to mention the rings and jingles of notifications!

4. Dark room. The neuro-receptors for light are even in your skin.

5. Read a soul-nourishing something right before bedtime. Do NOT watch the
news or read email just before bed. Your brain will hang on the to-do’s and whatif’s.

At LWC, we are committed to Medicine with Integrity with the mission of Health Freedom. This means that every single thing we prescribe is designed to make you stronger and more resilient. And every step of our process is designed to bring you more freedom: so that you know how to make good decisions for your health, and you know yourself well enough to stack the odds in your favor and set yourself up for success.

I don’t usually announce projects before they’re complete, but I want you to know what we’re doing to increase your access to education. We’re redesigning our website and throwing all of our best information out there. We’ve launched the learning classes on line to give you access to talks and workshops that can dramatically improve your health. We’ve audited our own systems to identify what provides the most thorough progress the fastest, and we’ve changed some of the ways we do things to make sure you have access to the right information at the right time. It takes a little while to do things right, so stay tuned for these updates. 🙂

One thing that we’re doing for you RIGHT NOW is to provide more information through our Facebook page and YouTube channel. Every day you’ll get a 2-5 minute chat from one of our practitioners on the topic of the week. This week it’s SLEEP!

Thank you so much for your dedication to your health, and for choosing Longevity Wellness to partner with you in this journey.

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How to Fall Asleep? - Insomnia Symptoms - Longevity Wellness

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How to Fall Asleep? - Insomnia Symptoms - Longevity Wellness