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It’s Dr. Cynthia. I’m back! That is, I’ve been here, I’ve just been crackers busy doing amazingly awesome things that I can’t WAIT to share with you! Stay tuned this week because we have some phenomenal news coming!

But first, our article of the day because this is important.

Do you ever wonder when your heart’s going to give out?

Imagine this: it’s a beautiful sunny day here in West Coast Florida. The sky is that particular color of blue with a few cotton candy-like clouds. The rains haven’t hit yet. You can smell the gardenia in the air, and it’s early enough in the day it’s just the right temperature. You take a moment to be grateful to be living in Paradise, and then you get to pulling your bike out to go for a ride on Legacy trail – one of the safest and most beautiful biking scenes in America.

And that’s when you feel it. That pain that comes and goes in the ol’ knee. In fact, that’s why you’re biking, because it’s low impact and safer for your knees. It twinges as you turn to get the bike down, but not enough to stop you. You know you feel better when you exercise, so you ignore it and get going. It’s such a beautiful day, after all!

What you don’t know is that the latest research from Harvard Medical School, the Scientific World Journal, and Cleveland Clinic show that there is a direct connection between knee pain and cardiac health.

Why does your knee hurts? Wei Labs - Longevity Wellness

There are many theories to explain this connection.

For example, if you injure your knee you might stop exercising, and increase inflammation in your body leading to heart issues. And certain diseases like rheumatoid arthritis cause joint pain and heart issues.

A more curious approach is: why is that particular knee susceptible to injury in the first place? You have two knees, but often only one is injured. Why? One theory is that your body wisely chooses to protect the heart, and shunts inflammation as far away from it as possible. That means most of that inflammation gets caught at your knees.

This would help make sense of the British study that showed that women with knee pain were twice as likely to die early from any cause, and three times as likely to die early from cardiac issues

This was the case with one of my running clients. He was having knee pain but was able to use self-care modalities to manage it. He didn’t realize that the injury was also a sign of an issue with his heart. Runners and endurance cardio athletes are prone to enlarged hearts.

When we supported his heart and the other affected organs, his knees improved!

Bloodwork can show if you’ve already had a heart attack, and a stress test can show if you have problems with blood flow during exercise. It’s definitely not comprehensive.

And exercising regularly doesn’t guarantee your ticker is working 100% the way it should. You may recall the famous story of James Nixx, the athlete who popularized running in the 70’s and authored “The Complete Book of Running.” He also died of a heart attack at 52, shocking America. His fast-food diet and father’s heart attacks at 35 and death at 43 were later discovered, helping to complete the story.

Even endurance athletes are known to  suffer heart attacks. It’s incredibly hard on their community when this happens, because we are all left wondering – why? Why did this person who worked so hard to take such good care of themselves have to go out that way – young and seemingly healthy?

It is because their hearts were undernourished of the right nutrients.

How do I know this? Because for years I have used a specialized diagnostic technique and evaluated the heart health of every client who has walked into my clinic. This has included a broad spectrum ranging from sedentary retirees (many are VERY active!) to in-training triathletes. While talking about heart health can be scary, it is treatable with safe, natural and effective means that make your whole body stronger – rather than set you up for liver or kidney damage.

(PS. Did you know we have a collection of Heart Health video tutorials in our online
learning portal?)

By the best of Western and Eastern medicine working together, it is possible to both evaluate and restore your heart health. That is why I will be delivering a rare but important video message to our online learning members this Friday, June 26th at 6pm, outlining the four pillars of successful transformation: Reboot, Reset NOW (scroll down to read more.)

I’m not just the president of Longevity Wellness Clinic. I’m also a client. I would not consider training for Ironman Florida without the excellent tools and resources at LWC.

Do you find yourself not doing things you’d like to because you’re afraid?

We’d love to help find out what’s really going on with you.


Make it a Beautiful Day!

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