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Want To Have Your Brain When You’re 75?

Memory loss is one of the most common symptoms that people mention when they start coming to see me.  Oftentimes the person is scared, afraid that a minor issue that lingers could indicate something dangerous long-term.
Today we’re going to talk about some the causes of memory loss, and what you can do NOW to have your brain working well when you’re 75 and beyond!
And at the end of this email I’ll tell you the one secret that ALL medical experts, whether conventional or holistic, agree can have a huge impact on your long-term brain health.

Do you know?
Of those aged 65 and old, 11% are currently diagnosed with Aalzheimer’s Disease. AND that number is growing.
One in three seniors who die in a given year have Alzheimer’s or another dementia.  
Those are pretty high odds for folks who are lucky enough to be long-lifers!  And, LADIES, unfortunately you are most likely to be affected!
Let’s talk about what is and isn’t dementia, or pathogenic cognitive decline:
Given that out of 245 drug trials for ALZ drugs, 244 of them failed…this means that there is a high possibility that Western medicine will NOT hold the key to a miracle drug for Alzheimer’s in the short term, where short-term = your lifespan.  Given that, the most important thing to do is PREVENTION.  Let’s review the basics:
1. Drink water.  This isn’t some arbitratrary hype.  Water is the conductive ground substance through which brain signals flow.  Think of lightening hitting the ocean – you don’t want to be ANYWHERE near that, right?  That’s the kind of strength and conduction of brain signal you want.  No water means no conduction.
2. Eat good food!  Processed food, junk food, and fast food all have lots of sugar, processed chemicals, and preservatives.  All of these cause inflammation in your body, one of the top known causes of dementia.
3. Meditate.  5 minutes a day of focused Box Breathing (breathe in for 4, hold for 4, breathe out for 4, hold for 4) can instantly decrease up to 30% of the stress on your body.  Not bad for fast and free!
4. This is the ONE that ALL health care providers of ALL disciplines agree is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to do.  Can you guess what it is?  …See if you can, while I share some more information about Alzheimer’s and dementia with you.
 What are the causes of Alzheimer’s, according to the latest research?  There are six.  Today we’ll talk about the first one:
TRAUMA: When the brain gets knocked around in a concussion, trauma causes it to communicate poorly.  In the same way that someone who has had their bell rung might talk funny or say weird things for a little bit – that same miscommunication is happening inside the brain, too.  That jolt to the noggin jars the brain’s ability to regulate functioning of the nerves, especially the VAGUS nerve which commands the digestive system.  When that happens, the gut gets impaired and develops leaks.  Proteins escape through those leaks and inflammatory cytokines are released to deal with them.  They then go through the circulatory system and back up to the brain, causing more congestion and confusion in the brain.  It’s as if your brain has a cold.  Do you know how you feel all foggy-headed and slow? The same sort of thing happens when inflammatory cytokines from leaky gut hit the scene.  Therefore, leaky brain causes leaky gut…AND leaky gut causes leaky brain.
We can help.  We specialize in leaky guts.  Rebuilding the foundation of your digestive health can bring wholeness back to you.  If you know of someone who is experiencing stress-induced memory loss or digestive disorders, the best time to help this is EARLY.