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Incredibly grateful to get to share this story…

As some of you know, a few weeks ago a family member of mine got diagnosed with “something really bad, we’re not sure what.”  Over the next few weeks, we ran the roller coaster of near-daily blood draws and weekly bone marrow draws.  Two weeks ago, I found myself at Moffitt Cancer Center, expecting to hear a diagnosis of leukemia for my loved one.  

Friends, I have some amazing news that makes me so absolutely grateful to do what I do in life.  While my family member is not familiar with what we do at Longevity, she was willing to take an herbal formula for energy.   She lives out of town and wasn’t able to come in for acupuncture – not ideal, but we did what we could with what we had.  She started the herbal formula on Oct. 7, along with an antibiotic.

Here are the important numbers in the diagnosis of leukemia.  All of these are made in the bone marrow.

  1. Red Blood Cell count (RBC)
  2. White Blood Cell count (WBC)
  3. Platelets
  4. Myleoblasts, which are stem cells in the bones.  When there are 20% Myleoblasts in the cells, leukemia is diagnosed.  

On October 20, we were told that this patient had experienced an “inexplicable” reversal of symptoms, and she was in no danger of leukemia or the precursor to it, aplastic anemia.  Oh, my gosh!!!!  We were astounded, as I was prepared to be having the conversation to convince my loved one to allow me to donate bone marrow for her.  Instead, a nearly-clear bill of health!  Still a couple of markers to keep track of, but the words, “Chemotherapy and Radiation” are NOT in her treatment recommendations!

So, you are probably asking, what’s in this formula??!!

I chose the formula to strongly stimulate the immune system, improve breathing, increase appetite, and support the kidneys.  I was pleased to find out her breathing and energy level improved after she took the formula.  She was prescribed a blood transfusion, and the doctors commented on how well her red blood cell count and hemoglobin numbers were holding after the transfusion.  I attribute the complete normalization of platelets and myleoblasts to this formula 100%, because no other factor could have affected those.

And, I got lucky.

One herb in the formula, Huang Qi (Astragalus) is one of the best immune system-boosters there is.  While Chinese herbs are more powerful in formula, if you were to take a little something every day for the immune system, you will do well to take either Astragalus or Echinacea.  But the Superpower of Huang Qi, and the way I got lucky, is that Huang QI also stimulates erythropoietin production in the kidneys.  Erythropoietin is the hormone that stimulates bone marrow production, and at the time I prescribed it I did not know erythropoietin was the missing link in this equation!

YAY!!!! I am so very grateful to get to work in this amazing and beautiful field.  Thank you for being a patient.  Quite simply, without patients, none of us holistic healers could get to do what we love to do.  I understand sometimes it takes courage to take a non-Western approach to healing.  I’m glad we live in

the time in which we have access to the best medical diagnostics that Western medicine can provide…and the best herbal and energetic treatment Eastern medicine provides.