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Start now to look GREAT for the New Year!

Each September after the ‘Back to School” rush, my habit is to reflect on my goals and priorities of the current year.  Questions like:

Have I accomplished what I set out to do?
Am I on track to finish them? Do I need to revamp or recommit?
AND: What are my goals for 2016?

Did you know most people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions by Ground Hog day ( February 2nd)? I like to begin implementing my New Year’s Resolutions around Thanksgiving so I can practice, catch slip-ups and make corrections so I can sail smoothly in to the New Year. Let me tell you: It Works!  One of my goals for 2016, is to Age Backwards, and looking younger is a big part of that goal. It’s a big goal and takes more time. The payoff is a lasting one, and well worth it! Would you like to join me?  We start by getting a jump on the upcoming Holiday season and starting in September with Natural Facial Rejuvenation.

What is Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture?
Also known as “Acupuncture Face Lift” or “Cosmetic Acupuncture”, this non-surgical procedure halts and reduces signs of the aging process. Your wrinkles will lessen, the tension in your face muscles will melt away, and you will feel fantastic – and look it! It removes issues standing between you and the glowing young face you deserve. More than a cosmetic procedure, this is a whole body, and skin therapeutic rejuvenation treatment.

What are the Effects?
Facial Rejuvenation may erase up to fifteen years from the face. The effects are dependent on the individual’s response to the treatment(s) however the following is a list of likely results:

• Diminishes Fine Lines and Wrinkles
• Firms Jowls
• Eliminates Puffiness
• Lifts Droopy Eyelids and Bags
• Minimizes Double Chins
• Reverses sun damage
• Moisturizes Skin
• Increases Collagen Production
• Improves Muscle Tone
• Tightens Pores
• Brightens Eyes
• Improves Acne Problems

How Many Treatments for Results?
Generally, 15 treatments. Most people see noticeable and lasting results between 5 and 7 treatments however results are dependent on the individual and their lifestyle before and after the treatment. According to a study of 300 cases treated with Facial Rejuvenation in 1996, 90% had results after one treatment which included the skin being more elastic and rosier complexioned.

Why an Acupuncture Face-Lift over a Surgical Face-Lift?
First of all, who wants to be in pain?! Surgical Face-Lifts are invasive, painful, take a lot of time to recover from, and create scar tissue that inhibits blood flow. Granted, acupuncture cannot reshape a nose or a chin but it can turn back the clock without all that pain. Unlike surgical procedures, acupuncture has little to no side effects. Acupuncture requires no medications or long recovery. This procedure is a good fit for someone who wants to look more themselves.

LED stands for light-emitting-diodes. First developed by NASA, LED works by sending energy-producing packets of light into the deeper layers of the skin. This warm infrared light enhances the acu-face lift by further relaxing and plumping up aging skin by boosting collagen production.
What will my hour and a half experience be like?
Each Acupuncture Face Lift starts with a 30 minute intensely relaxing facial massage while your skin is soaked in delicious organic richly rejuvenating serums and moisturizers. This relaxes and tones the facial muscles deeply, allowing the fascia and skin to accept correction. Next, acupuncture is applied according to your phase in treatment: placement is different on the first session than on the 5th, for example. Both body points and facial points are used. Finally, the LED warms and further relaxes the face skin and muscles while the light therapy repairs sun-damaged cells, promotes collagen growth, and firms.

New Year’s Day 2016 is 17 weeks away. Seventeen seems like a long time when I read it, but the wisdom of my years has taught me how quickly Time will fly! Invest in yourself and ‘roll back time’ with a series of Natural Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture therapy. Let’s bring that inner glow out in 2016!

Dr. Jenna Peterson

Dr. Jenna Peterson will be taking appointments for 30 min Facial Massages using the much adored Starflower Organic Facial Products. This $40 Facial Massage is Call us now at 941-923-9355 to book your appointment!

Egg Sandwich with No Egg and No Sandwich, please!
This morning after my workout, I had a little extra time so I went over to Panera and ordered a delicious Mediterranean Egg White Sandwich.  But since the rate of gluten intolerance has increased seven-fold since 1950 (more on this later), I nixed the ciabatta roll and went just for the good stuff: egg, spinach, and sun dried tomatoes.  AND I Amped the Awesome by going for whole eggs instead of egg whites – because that’s where all the nutrients are!

But what about cholesterol?
We go to the research for this.  Here’s how: we looked up a meta-analysis (which means a study of a bunch of studies, which is the best way to get a general idea of various researchers’ results).  The short answer is: 1/egg a day is fine, doesn’t cause coronary artery disease, and may lower stroke risk.  However, more research is needed with egg consumption among those with diabetes.
Here’s the link to the PubMed article: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23295181
For non-diabetics, definitely Amp Your Awesome with WHOLE eggs, not just the whites!

With love,
Dr. Cynthia Clark

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