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The Longevity Wellness Clinic treats Low Energy in Englewood FL

What’s your favorite comfort food? Mine is ice cream. I don’t eat it anymore, but that’s a story for another blog. This story is about one of Gina’s favorite foods to eat when she has low energy.

Gina and I have been BUSY lately! We’ve been doing expos, I’ve been in training a lot, and Gina has been organizing educational presentations for you.  

Gina’s from NYC. Land of the delicious food, and a different ethnicity on every corner. To thank her for all her awesome attitude and hard work lately, I found what I hoped was a passable version of the Jewish sweet treat Halvah. Gina’s got a discriminating palate, so mostly my gift was a token. And yes, we eat great healthy food in this clinic, so it felt like a little decadent Halvah would really show how awesome she is.  

It was waiting for her this morning when she came in. I started the day with my most recent favorite blend of herbs, a formula I call Formula One!  

Formula One is a blend of herbs to get you smoothly through busy times, like what we’ve been experiencing. When low energy interferes with daily activity, Formula One boosts adrenals and levels them out; it supports your immune system; it increases energy and focus, and while it’s at it, it regulates blood sugar! I call it Formula One because it makes you go Zoom Zoom!  

As a tincture, the best way to take Formula One is to allow it to sit in your mouth under your tongue for 30 seconds. A side benefit of the formula is that for about 30 minutes after you take it, the “sweet” taste buds in your tongue are numbed, so you can’t taste sweet.

Formula One will help you cut back on the amount of sugars you eat. Thereby increasing energy!

If you have low energy in Englewood and would like more information about Formula One, contact the Longevity Wellness Clinic at 941-923-9355.

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