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September 8, 2018 @ 9:00 am – September 9, 2018 @ 1:00 pm
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Remember Sex Ed back in the day? When it was mostly about how NOT to have sex? WHY not to have sex, what with
all those diseases and potential of unwanted pregnancies. And where, how, and when not to have sex. Since then,
you’ve probably learned some wonderful things about sex, sexuality, sensuality, power, vulnerability, and libido. You
have some incredibly sweet, sexy, sultry experiences, but you’ve probably some not so great ones, too. Or maybe it’s
fine, it’s just gotten a little boring.

For those of you lucky enough to be in a relationship, you should get to experience ALL of the glorious blessings that go
along with that! Some of those blessings are intimacy, both verbal and physical. Exploring emotions stored in one
another’s bodies is a true blessing of intimacy, and one of the healthiest practices we humans get to enjoy. Tuning into
body, mind, and soul energy, practicing specific ancient energy cultivation techniques, and allowing that energy to fuel
curiosity about yourself and your partner is an incredibly fun and powerful practice!

Historically, the Chinese emperor had hundreds of concubines, which are women he was supposed to couple with in
order to produce children and form political alliances. He had obligations to fulfill his country’s reputation, and he had
to remain virile into his later years. This is where the sexual-cultivation practices originated.

Similarly, there are also spiritual practices for women which can transform sexual energy (Jing) and Qi into Shen, a pure
spiritual practice. Low libido is a sign of some part of the mind, body, or spirit being neglected. Circulating qi around the
whole body is the foundation of all sexual practices, and is also essential to overall health. This is the healing process of transforming stress into vitality, and anti-aging. And we could all use a little of that!

Explore this 2-day Sexual Energy Cultivation class. Both couples and individuals are welcome!