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What is Energy Evolution?

Energy Medicine, through the lens of Quantum Physics, in a handy take-home do-it-yourself package.  Managing our energy well is the same as gardening: if we pay attention to it, and tend to it, it will flourish and grow!  But if we neglect it, let it get filled up with weeds and invasive species, and don’t water it, it will lose its beauty and die off.  Learn how to be a good gardener of your energy, utilizing the Secrets of the Martial Arts Grandmasters.

All classes are held from 9 am-1 pm. All classes are $149, with exception to the Cultivating Sexual Energy classes at $298.  Scholarships are available for those in need of financial assistance.

January’s Energy Evolution: 

Energy Evolution Schedule 2019: 

Sunday, Jan. 13th: Goals Workshop: Goal Setting- where you identify your personal unified theory and your action item to focus on through the year.

Saturday, Feb. 2nd: Metabolism & Cellular Repair 

Saturday and Sunday, Mar. 2nd-3rd: Cultivating Sexual Energy: Freeing stuck energy in the reproductive organs to rejuvenate your full being, and amping the awesome on your relationship and love life.

Saturday, Apr. 6thEnergy Hygiene:  Release negative energies from all aspects of your life.

Saturday, May. 4thAddictions:  You deserve to live your best life! Learn how addictive behaviors cause “energy leaks” or “glitches” in your life PLUS how to get rid of them! It’s more than drugs and alcohol… addictions also include, coffee, cell phone use, clothes, sex, toxic relationships, gaming, television, social media, chocolate and much more!

Saturday, Jun. 1stClearing Stuck Emotions : Releasing the potentially pathogenic energy that gets stuck in different organs in the body, causing obsessive thinking, frustration, anxiety, and anger.

Saturday, Jul. 6th:  Insomnia: Sleep deprivation.  Even an hour can drastically change our life perspective.  Mood, attitude, energy level can all change.  Not to mention headaches or stomach aches.  And those are just the things you’re accustomed to noticing!  There are hundreds of minute changes in the body that happen with sleep deprivation

Saturday, Aug. 3rdCancer Prevention:  Every minute, thousands of cells are created in your body.  Some of them are mutated, and some of those mutations are cancerous.  Most of the time, your body’s genetic code releases the mutations.

Saturday, Sep. 7thRetrain Your Brain:  Cognitive decline starts about a decade before the first symptoms are noticed.  Learn what the single biggest factor for it is, and what you can do to get the most from your brain!

Saturday, Oct. 5thDigestion :  Some things in life are just hard to swallow.  Well, they can be anyway.  Impaired digestion can wreak havoc on an otherwise enjoyable time.  Learn the #1 most important exercise you’ve never heard of to help with digestion.

Saturday, Nov. 2nd: Healthy Relationships : What is life without good relationships with your loved ones? Learn how to enhance the love and deepen the relationships with friends and family.

Saturday, Dec. 7thCelebration!

Dr. Cynthia Clark - Energy Evolution -Solar Panel Evolution - Longevity Wellness

Dr. Cynthia Clark, Acupuncture Physician, Applied Clinical Nutritionist is an award-winning acupuncturist and nutritionist.  She has helped hundreds of patients heal naturally from digestive disorders and energy issues.  As an Engineer, she focuses on understanding how things work: from the human body to quantum mechanics.  In trying to understand how the Chinese meridian flow affects the body, she returned to her martial arts roots only to discover the secret healing systems that are inclusive in upper level martial arts.  She has been granted permission to teach these techniques, and has expanded that work to include application of these ancient techniques    into the most pressing 21st Century America problems.