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Dad wanted me to tell HIS story, too!

The full scoop is: I had three family members in the hospital within days of each other.  You’ve already heard the story of the one with pre-leukemia who had a miraculous reversal.  What I didn’t mention is at the exact same time I was working on that, my dad called me to tell me on a Friday he was just leaving the Emergency Room!

He had gone in for profusely bleeding hemorrhoids.  Those of you who have experienced something like this know that it’s visually alarming, and dad was really scared.  He was diagnosed with both and upper GI bleed and a lower GI bleed.  They had wanted to keep him over the weekend for observation, but he had brought his lovely bride with him and didn’t want her to be stuck at the hospital. So, they left.  Over the weekend we spoke, and I gave him some dietary recommendations and did some remote energy work on him.  It wasn’t enough.  Sunday night I’m grateful to hear that he’s going to travel the 2.5 hours to come to my clinic on Monday.

We did the exact same techniques I do on all my patients every day: Nutrition Response Testing plus acupuncture with Medical Qigong.  We found that he had several things: ongoing yeast inflammation, heavy metals, a gut bacterial imbalance, depleted adrenals, and deficient Spleen Yang energy.

We used a combination of Jatoba, an Amazonian herb to help clear fungus and drain damp, a homeopathic to clear those metals, a probiotic to balance his gut bacteria, Standard Process Drenamin to strengthen his adrenals, and a Chinese Herbal Formula to tonify the middle, strengthen the spleen, and lift prolapsed organs.

The Spleen and the Stomach are responsible for transforming and transporting food and are the source of qi and blood production.  When they’re not working well, the patient will be tired and have no energy, won’t want to speak, shortness of breath, and have pale face and tongue.  When the qi is deficient, Yang energy isn’t able to ascend.  This can lead to prolapse of capillaries, and even organs.

Proper treatment resolved both Dad’s lower GI – hemorrhoids – and upper GI bleed within a few days.

He was astounded: he was in mortal fear after going to the hospital.  He was tremendously relieved!  And he wanted you to know his story.  🙂