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Cholesterol And Statins

What’s the skinny on cholesterol, statins, and prevention of cardiovascular disease? 
Some surprising facts:
  • 100% of rodents tested with statins have gotten cancer.  Cancer takes longer to develop in humans than in rodents.
  • Use of statins increases risk of breast cancer by 1500% <- that’s NOT a typo.
  • Statins causes irreversible neurological damage in a number of people.  Watch the video below to hear a personal story about this.
  • In two studies, the statin group had a greater number of DEATHS than than the non-statin groups.
  • In a study of healthy patients on a low dose of Lipitor, for 6 months, two-thirds developed heart abnormalities during the filling phase due to nutrient depletion, primarily of CoQ10.
  • Other “side effects”: Muscle pain and weakness, to the point of causing falling and accidents, neuropathy, heart failure, cancer, pancreatitis, depression, dizziness, and cognitive impairment.
Simply put, statins are NOT benign.  
WHOA!  If all that were really true, why would anyone ever take this?
Good information can be found:
  • spacedoc.com by former NASA flight surgeon Dr. Duane Graveline.
  • “Cholesterol is not the Culprit” by Fred Kummerow, PhD

Sources: https://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/modern-diseases/dangers-of-statin-drugs-what-you-havent-been-told-about-popular-cholesterol-lowering-medicines/
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Sources: Good Calories, Bad Calories, Weston A. Price Foundation, various Standard Process trainings.