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Can Sugar Make Wrinkles? In short, Yes.

“Seriously? How?”
Yes, seriously. I’m not making this up to be a nutrition meanie.

Wrinkles, deep lines and sagging skin are a partial by-product of the process known as glycation. Sugar and other high-glycemic carbohydrates (breads, starches, potatoes, baked goods, pastas, desserts, soda) are rapidly converted to glucose in your bloodstream (glycemic spike/sugar rush). This overload can cause a reaction called glycation, in which the excess sugar molecules attach themselves to collagen fibers, making them weaker and less elastic.
Wait, take a minute to let that sink in: excess sugar attaches to your collagen fibers, making them weak and stiff.  So, yes: sugar can speed aging in your face (AND your whole body, but that is another blog entry).

Glycation occurs when a glucose (sugar) molecule binds to a protein molecule without the influence of enzymes, (proteins that accelerate the rate of chemical reactions). In scientific terms, we refer to these sugar/protein bonds as AGEs, an appropriate acronym for Advanced Glycosylation End-products. This causes your collagen to lose it’s strength and flexibility, so the skin becomes less elastic and more vulnerable to sun damage, lines, and sagging.

“Is it OK To Use Artificial Sweeteners?”
Good try, but No. Recent studies have shown that not only do artificial sweeteners raise your gylcemic index (blood sugar), they do so by disrupting the gut-flora that enables digestion and protects you by providing 70% of your overall immune system’s strength and mojo.

To protect your health, and slow the acceleration of the aging process, it is best to limit if not avoid all forms of refined sugar as well as chemical artificial sweeteners. There are natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables that should be our only source of sugar. These foods are high in anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants, help stabilize blood sugar, and nutrients that promote beautiful skin and a healthy body. Again, Nature providing sweetness, protection and balance.

“How Else Can I Slow or Reverse the Signs of Aging?”
Funny you should ask, I specialize in Facial Rejuvenation Skin Treatments. I utilize organic, food-grade skin care products that are loaded with beneficial essential oils; Acupressure and Acupuncture; and the latest in LED therapy technology. Call for more details or to set up a consultation: 941-923-9355.​

Dr. Jenna Peterson