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Aging Backwards and Beautifully!

Makeup Today

Could there be something bad about our makeup today?

I’ll be honest.  I have worn the same Revlon Toast of New York shade of lipstick for 20 years.  I had another shade before that I wore for 10 years.  I like to shop once, be done with it, stick to my look, and not spend time every morning deciding what shade to wear.

So I’ll admit that when I found out some lipstick has lead in it, I didn’t take immediate action.  I wondered, is this really that big of a deal?  I mean, I do everything else so healthy.  And the answer is …yes, it is.  Here’s the low-down, what’s really going on.

Lipstick 2The makeup and chemical breakdown:

  • There is NO testing of the safety of ingredients used in personal care products.
  • There is little FDA regulation.
  • So, the cosmetic industry created their own regulatory system. Compliance is totally voluntary.
  • To date, America has banned 22 chemicals for use in personal care products. By comparison, the EU has banned 1300.
  • Toxins in our makeup are bad for us, bad for our children, bad for our unborn babies, and bad for our partners.

Ok, how do we go about testing long-term health effects?  Basically, we don’t.  The American Cancer Society’s explanation of this is a long explanation of why they can’t/it isn’t practical, and that’s why it’s ok to release products onto the market without testing them.  I don’t find this acceptable, because none of those tests are impossible to do.  They simply may merely be expensive, and HAVE YOU NOTICED HOW MUCH MAKEUP COSTS???  So, what do we do in this case?  One way we can observe health effects of chemicals is to see their as they get passed along from a pregnant mom to her baby.  By the way, anytime a label says, “may not be safe for pregnant or nursing mothers” I avoid that substance!

Here’s where it starts to get disturbing.  In 2004, the Environmental Working Group did a study on newborns and found: 287 chemicals in babies blood, including 180 carcinogens, 217 that are toxic to the brain and 208 that cause birth defects or development issues in animals.  How did that happen??

Many of the carcionogens in those studies are also in our makeup.

In March 2005 study on perchlorate, a component of rocket fuel, found in ALL breast milk samples in 19 states.  WHAT IN THE WORLD???

***Break.  Years ago, I went to El Portrero Chico in Mexico on a beautiful rock climbing trip.  We took a toll road from Texas down to Monterray, and afterwards a friend asked me what route we took.  It was then that I learned that the non toll-road had potholes in it so large that a small vehicle would disappear into it!  And did, on a regular basis!

So let me just say, I am not an advocate of walking around in the world overly fearful of it.  But if there’s a Mexican-sized pothole on my route, I’d sure appreciate a little advanced notice, and hope there was a toll road option!***


A Mexican-sized pothole.  

If we can see it, we can deal with it.  And even better – avoid it!

So now ladies:

  • Chemicals in our makeup affect us.
  • They affect our unborn children.
  • They affect our children, when they kiss and hug us.
  • They affect our teenage daughters, who often wear more makeup and spray more hairspray than adults.
  • AND they even affect our partner’s fertility, through what they absorb in kissing us.

Let’s continue.  These chemicals are all over the place.  Here’s a few, found in the bloodstream of a family of 4 when they first agreed to biomarker testing.  Some of the substances found were:

  • Dibutyl phthalate, known to be toxic to the reproductive system, especially MALE.
  • Flame retardant PBDE polybrominated diphenyl ethers.  These disrupt thyroid and brain.  And it’s unlabeled and in unknown amounts in so many products: foam furniture, rugs, electronics, and clothing.  It isn’t just makeup we’re talking about – it’s just that we’re talking about makeup today.

Top 10 Chemicals in Makeup to Avoid:

  1. BHA – toxic to liver, immune, nervous system, carcinogen
  2. BHT – neurotoxin (brain and nervous system), respiratory, carcionogen, endocrine disruptor
  3. D&C Color Additives – neruotoxin, reproductive system toxin
  4. Eugenol – neurotoxin, immuno-toxin, endocrine-toxin
  5. Formaldehyde – carcinogen, immuno-toxin, respiratory-toxin
  6. Nitrosamines – carcinogen, endocrine-toxin (adrenals, thyroid, ovaries, uterus, pituitary, hypothalamus)
  7. P-Phenylenediamine – neurotoxin, respiratory-toxin, neurotoxin
  8. Parabens – carcinogen, neurotoxin, endocrine-toxin
  9. Phtalates – neurotoxin, immuno-toxin, reproductive system toxin
  10. Triethanolamine – possible carcinogen, immuno-toxin, respiratory toxin

Can we do anything about it?

YES!  In 1962 the book Silent Sprint was written about the dangers of DDT on not just insects but birds and wildlife.   Although the author Rachel Carlson was viciously attacked by the lucrative pesticide industry, the book led to the eventual ban of DDT.

Love Canal, NY:

Lois Gibbs moved to Love Canal, NY and found her children’s health maligned by asthma, allergies, and a rare blood disease.  After researching and knocking on doors, she discovered every family in the town was sick.   Her son’s school was built on a toxic waste dump!  Her request to transfer was denied, saying that it would “set a bad precedent.” For 3 years, the town waged legal war against the chemical companies, and eventually won.  President Carter finally signed a bill to pay for them all to permanently relocate.

Today: “We may be living longer, but we’re living sicker.  Chronic diseases and disabilities now affect more than one third of the US population, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Scientific studies have increasingly demonstrated that toxic chemicals are contributing to childhood cancer, hormone-related cancers, asthma, learning disabilities, birth defects, infertility and other health problems that have been increasing in recent decades.” Not just a Pretty Face, by Stacy Malkan

Is there any good news?

Yes! If man-made chemicals are the cause of much disease today, then that means that much of it is preventable and WE are in control of the solution!

It’s not your fault.  But chemicals and low quality ingredients in makeup is your problem.  And the best way to start solving it is to vote with your dollars.  Buy skin care products that are really good for you, in every way!

Detoxification is critical!  Pre-cancerous symptoms include:

Fatigue Diarrhea Itching Mood swings
Brain fog Bloating Hives Coordination
Constipation Redness and swelling Headaches Low libido

True Beauty

True beauty comes in part from knowing you’re in integrity with yourself.  It comes from having a clear conscience and an uncluttered mind.  It comes from doing the things that are important to you first.  It comes from being wealthy of spirit – having enough love and energy to share with those around you, abundantly.  It comes from doing what’s right, in a loving way.  And being pretty?  Yes!  Let’s be radiantly beautiful, and use products that have side BENEFITS for us, instead of toxic, cancerous side-effects.

Every society places emphasis on types of beauty.  We all remember the National Geographic article of the African tribes that put rings around the neck.

African Rings

Sometimes, our societies go off on a weird direction or some people take something to extremes. I’ve recently even seen a Japanese jeweler making bikini jewelry called “Beachtail” made to hang between your legs via a thick chain.  Worst jewelry ever!  We don’t have to buy into fads.

True Beauty